Whole Fish To Order

Queensland Groper

Queensland Groper are one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean. Farm and Catch these groper fish in Queensland where the water is quite warm.

Coral Trout

Coral Trout Fish is one of the most spectacularly beautiful fish in the ocean. Dwelling in coral reefs, as well as open sea, this is a premium fish with a delicate flavor and fine flake flesh.

Seafood Bestsellers

Bulk Buy Sea Urchin

Bulk Buy Wholesale Sea Urchin is available on a regular basis. As a chef create your perfect dish with the beauty of these sea urchin shells as the hero of the dish.

Razor Clam

Grow Razor Clam across North America and Europe. Grown year round from all different parts of the world. Use them similar to any other shellfish or clam.

Delivery Service

With on-time deliveries and top-notch customer service. You will always be put first here at Melindax.
We deliver our Fish Boxes every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on a 4 weekly basis.
You don’t have to be in, we can leave the box in your designated leaving place!


David Charles

Experienced Fishmonger

Melindax offers seafood delivery. Whether it’s weekly essentials from your local shop, something a little bit different from a specialist retailer, or options to buy directly – straight from the fishermen and quayside merchants themselves.

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